Blanket Ladder


I love blanket ladders.

No more crumpled heap of blankets? Sure.

No longer tossing blankets in a beat-up box in the corner?  Umm yes, please.

An adorable way to display your cozy blankets that doesn’t take up too much space?  Oh, my goodness, YES PLEASE.

Ahh.  I’m so excited. This is the first DIY post!

That’s right.  I’m gonna tell you how to make one of these blessed beauties.


There are tons of tutorials all over Pinterest, but this is how my husband and I made ours.  A lot of the other tutorials make them much wider and shorter, but I wanted to be able to fit more than two blankets on it!  So, without further ado…

1.  Find some wood.  My husband and I used what we had on hand and hit up the lumber yard for the rest. We used two 5 ft. 2x4s for the edges of the ladder.  For the rungs, we used five 2×6 boards, each 13 inches long.  I liked the idea of having wider rungs, rather than small dowels, but that’s up to you!  You could use 2x4s for the rungs as well.

2.  After you’ve got the wood, mark exactly where you want the rungs to go on the sides.  We spaced ours out pretty evenly, but we also left a small gap between the bottom rung and the floor (we don’t use the last one to hang a blanket, only to tuck the blanket above in).

3.  Starting with one side, attach the rung to the side of the ladder with two screws each.  We did it the easy way and screwed from the outside of the ladder in.  Because we painted it, the screws are barely visible (see left below).  However, if you’d rather not see them at all, you can first drill some pocket holes in the back of the rung.  Here’s a link to how to do that if you are clueless like me!

See? Hardly visible.

Pro tip! If you want your blankets to hang nicer and tuck behind each other, try placing your rungs at an angle like we did!

Our rungs are at an angle.

4.  Attach the rungs to the other side.  This can get a little tricky, but if you’ve done your measurements right, it should work out!

5.  Make it purrrdy.  Stain it, paint it, whatever you think.  For ours, we decided to use a grey chalk paint to match our entertainment center.  After the paint dried, we also stained it with a dark walnut to make it look more finished and rustic.


*Note: if you decide to stain after painting, test it out on scrap wood.  I would recommend wiping the stain off shortly after applying so the chalk paint underneath can still shine through.  If you want a darker look, let the stain sit for a bit longer.

That’s all!  I’m so proud of our blanket ladder, and I wish you good luck in your own blanket-ladder-making endeavors.

If you’d LOVE a blanket ladder of your own but don’t want to put in the work, please contact us!  We would be so excited to make one of these beauts for you.



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